Towa Kanbutu

the map of world cuisine
(dried food).

PHILOSOPHYFor a Healthy Future

Inspire people with food,
become a cherished company,
and create a healthy future.

Redrawing the map of world cuisine
(dried food).

Children and adults, smiling and enthusiastic.
We want to support a terrific dining experience that will remain in your memory.

Restoring the bounty of the four seasons using dried food.
We have continued to provision the dining table with Japanese food wisdom
and techniques passed down through the ages.

Dried foods draw out the potential of cooking to rise above culinary styles
to become the KANBUTU of the world.
They are inspirational cooking ingredients that are filled with surprise
and discovery and are being noticed by overseas chefs and food buffs.

Putting our hopes and dreams for a healthy tomorrow into kanbutu with particular attention
to providing safe and reliable ingredients,
we carefully screen our dried foods placing importance on reliable hand work.
TOWA KANBUTU will broaden the possibilities for world cuisine
and create new inspiration across generations.


Towa Kanbutu was established in 1977 mainly for the sale of agricultural and marine dried foods to the food service industry.
The company has steadily grown together with the expansion of the food service market.
In recent years, it has expanded its sales channels to include nationwide food processing, school and office lunches, and overseas export.
It is diversifying its product line-up to meet an array of needs around the world.
Hereafter, Towa Kanbutu will proactively develop and propose kanbutu products for Japan, as well as a global market. It promises to continue growing as a trusted company for customers.



  • 01

    Acquired FSSC 22000which is an internationally recognized standard for Food Safety Management Systems.

  • 02

    TOWA Traceability Systemto provide food assurance and safety.

  • 03

    BCP (Business Continuity Plan)Special Guarantee Certified CompanyThis will assist in business continuity and recovery in the event of disasters.

  • 04

    Initiatives for healthy business operations“For a Healthy Future”



  • School Lunches

    We place importance on dietary education and local production for local consumption, supply safe food products, and support the growth of children through food.

  • Food Service Industry

    We provide total support to the food service industry, supplying select food ingredients to businesses that meet professional needs, proposing trendy menus, and providing information on new products.

  • Export

    Ancient kanbutu culture from Japan which is renowned for its longevity will be given a global audience, and the map of world cuisine will be redrawn with KANBUTU.

  • Manufacturers and Food Processors

    We will deliver dried foods for the food processing industry to meet changing needs.

  • Hospital and Office Meals

    We support health and the joy of eating through food that will provide vitality in your everyday life.

  • Products for Households

    We can propose products that will make dried foods appealing so that even the general consumer can rediscover their value!



We can also produce and propose products to meet the needs of our customers that rise above styles of cuisine.
Feel free to consult us!